Benefits of connecting Moradabad Zone
The advantage of adding one zone i.e. five districts is that the population of Uttarakhand will increase from 1 crore 15 lakh to 2 crore 45 lakh .. That is, the population of these five districts is thirty lakh more than the entire Uttarakhand today. Bijnore district is at 36 lakhs, Moradabad is at 47 lakhs, Rampur and Amroha is at 23 and 18 lakhs, while Sambhal district is at 21 lakhs (which together amounted to 1 crore 45 lakhs), 30 lakhs more than your state today. So has this Uttarakhand expanded? Or Moradabad is being declared a state in which an entire Uttarakhand state will be given as a gift. This is a stroke on the autonomy of Uttarakhand. The total number of MLAs in these districts is about thirty five, in which if you mix Uddam Singh Nagar of the Plains, no party will have to climb above Kotdwar, Narendra Nagar, Ramnagar Vikasnagar to form the government.
Disadvantages of –
In districts like Rudraprayag in the mountain where the population is around 2 lakh 40 thousand, the number of voters in it is 98 thousand in the whole district, while the total voter in Dharampur Legislative Assembly of Dehradun alone is 1 lakh 84 thousand. That means more voters than the entire district in a Vidhan Sabha. This is also the case with Bageshwar and Champawat where there are two seats. Such hill districts which are culturally important, which have great proven benches like Kedarnath and Purnagiri. There are mythical temples like Baijnath, due to the low population ratio there, the seats of Uttarakhand’s hill areas will go to the plains. After political experimentation, more people will be empowered in limited resources, due to which many kinds of conflicts will arise. Social instability will increase.
After getting the Moradabad division, you will get to see the expansion of Kunwar Pranav Champion School of Politics and the quiet image of the state will be more clouded. People like Azam Khan can be new faces, in the next cabinet or even the contenders for the Deputy Chief Minister, which is completely opposite to the hill culture. The entire country, parliament and media are aware of his derogatory comments.
petition –
Online contact with Modi ji is not a benefit of Shad. Busy also live, millions of people tag every day. That is why according to the constitution, the provision of review of the boundaries of states makes the President a powerhouse. Tag #Ram_nath_kovind .. One is the case will be non-political and those who do not agree with the BJP government or those who are cadre BJP and cannot raise voice outside the party line will also be comfortable. #no_to_new_Uks_reorganisation.
Tag #no_Morabba_In_Uk. Facebook has a lot of power. We have all seen the example of Ronu Mandal. Sing a song for Happy Hardy and Heer because Uttarakhand is so busy in the hearts of millions of people… Do I and you and Ronu Mandal
the option –
To be added, the hill state of Himanchal, which has a population of close to 70 lakh and is very close to us culturally, can be welcomed. Our relationship with Himachal is even older than the Gorkhali invasion. Wine, tourism, religious tourism, adventure tourism, mining, unemployment, mildness .. everything is the same.
Declaration of Union Territory may be another option for the state, but the dissolution of Uttarakhand is not acceptable. Who is with
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