Art work in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand has a long history with art . Many artistic people are born in uttarakhand . India’s Uttarakhand region features its own unique types of architecture such as aipan. Both Uttarakhand’s Kumaon and Garhwal areas have made a major contribution to the state’s art work. Uttarakhand has a broad range of works of architecture such as-Aipan , painting , Dekara
,wood carving , temple architechture, literature etc.


It is a tradition decorative design of uttarakhand which is very popular in kumaon region . It consist of white line or any structure which is designed in dark red background . Aipan is derived from the word arpan which means dedication . It is considered to be very pure and holy thing in kumaon culture . Traditionally background of aipan is made from geru also called red clay and design inside it is made up of rice paste but now a day it is prepare from white and red paint or aipan sticker are also used. These design are used in house enterence , chowki, stairs etc.
Aipan are made in every occasion in uttarakhand from marriage to any pooja . It starts from kumaon region and spreads throughout the uttarakhand . Now many creative people of uttarakhand are spreading these design with world

Types of aipan in uttarakhand

  • Chamunda Hast Chowki
  • Saraswati Chowki
  • Nav Durga Chowki.
  • Shiv or Shivarchan Peeth
  • The Surya Darshan Chowki
  • Janeyu Chowki
  • Asan Chowki
  • Dhuli Arghya Chowki
  • Acharya Chowki
  • Durga Thapa
  • Jyoti Patta
  • Lakshmi Yantra


Uttarakhand is full of natural beauty and painter of uttarakhand had done full justics of capturing this beauty with their sketch. To create somebody a poet or an artist, these items are enough. This is only a part of the mountainous territory’s happiness. Garhwal school of painting is one of its kind
Wall painting:
There are two kinds of ceiling drawings in Uttarakhand, one for the kitchen and one for the ceremonial ritual locations. The walls are usually re-plastered twice a year with a mixture of cow dung and mud. They are then colored purple with ochre and finger-drawn motifs using a rice powder. These hand-made ceiling pictures in existence are lovely and delicious. It also comprises of individual images produced on the ceilings within a rectangular frame. The exterior gate doors are adorned with lovely bells motifs with conch shells on certain unique times such as marriage, etc.


They are cculputure ( murti) of hindu god and goddess . It is prepared from very fine clay and different type of color are used to make them attractive . They are very polpular during festive season like in Kartik Sankranti, Shiv ji images are made which are known as Dekaras, and these portray Shiv ji’s marriage to Parvathi, the Himalayan girl.

Architecture of temple

Most temple in uttarakhand are antique and are made by katyuri and chand dynasty. Katyur have unique type of architecture style in creation of temple. Most of temple in uttarakhand are made by katyur as katyur were known to be very relegious and now katyuri are treated as god in many family of uttarakhand. Baijnath temple in bageshwer is known to be made by katyur and its architecture is similar to badrinath and kedarnath so it can be consider that these two temple are also made by katyur although there is no evidence other then their architecture.These temple comprise of large brick ceilings with multiple decorative sculptures and metal idols that are intricately comprehensive. These shrines not only stayed a location of prayer during the subsequent phases, but also became a location where scholars met one another. For example, the artists collected and exhibited their best works of art, poems, while the experts and poets discussed philosophical issues.

Wood carving

wood carving means making designer pattern in wood by using knife or any sharp material. This technique is very common in uttarakhand. All gate and window of house in uttarakhand are wood carved. Uttarakhand’s individuals are very imaginative in design, and the reality bears witness in the lovely shrines that cover the whole earth. Garhwal and Kumaon’s wood sculptures are known for their straightforward yet sensitive and appealing models.

Literature in uttarakhand

literature in uttarakhand is very rich because of poet like Girish tiwari (girda). There are two language in uttarakhand – kumaoni and garhwali.
Lot amount of work is in both language in area of literature .Literature represents a community; Uttarakhand’s literature also represents the social trend and customs common in Uttarakhand’s culture, in line with the prevailing tradition. Although in the standard and canonical literature there have been mentions of Uttarakhand over the centuries, it is in Uttarakhand’s folk literature that the essence of the state really lives. There is a huge treasure of folk literature in all regional dialects. In Uttarakhand’s literature, the effects of oral tradition are heavily sensed. The most famous love balled of uttarakhand is Rajula malushahi and other too like rani borani.