There is no doubt COVID-19 pandemic impact our routine life very badly . It not only affect our life socially but mentally & physically as well. Entire world is suffering today .There is lying to the fact that modern medical science has reached to an advanced level where numerous deadly diseases can be cured by it’s advanced technology & profound research.

But still today in this tough time of COVID-19 pandemic , modern medicine science has no specific vaccine to eradicate this pandemic .The rate of it’s spread shows an absolute failure of our modern science.

Scientificity and tradition are two different thing but when we inculcate science into our tradition , then it’ll give you miraculous results . In this crucial period , we have to think of holistic medicine which can not only treat but prevent us from this disease.

स्वास्थस्य स्वास्थ रक्षणं।

आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं च।।

Ayurveda is a holistic science which not only tell about treatment but also guide you about the preventive measures. The above verse ( shoka) is the objective of our ancient ayurvedic science 5000 years old , has complete illustration of pandemic , epidemic or endemic in the name of janpadaudhvans (जनपदुध्वंस्) . Researches were done on that basis only various texts of Ayurvedic science like Charak samhita , sushruta samhita, Ashtanga hridyam etc were written But these researches were according to our ancient scientist’s ( acharyas ) parameters .Our modern scientist failed to understand those parameters that’s why they do not consider Ayurveda an authentic science.

As per the latest research of ayurvedic fraternity reference of COVID-19 like disease is mentioned . the causes , symptoms, treatment are mentioned in 6th chapter of Ritucharya of Sushruta samhita . If researchers will look into this authentic science , then I am sure some positive results of treatment and prevention will come and the number of positive results of people will soon deplete .

Artificial things will have artificial ( temporary ) effect on our body but once we inculcate nature’s blessing ( herbal formulations) into our body then healing is it’s ultimate effect.

This pandemic taught us many lessons .Till now we have destroyed our mother nature ( our healing mother) so badly.

As per the Hindu saying

पाप का घड़ा तो एक दिन भरता है।

This pandemic is the result of our sins . Quarantine and lockdown taught us good lessons to human and realized them what they have done to our mother nature.

So in the end I would like to conclude ,

Let your mother nature heal , in return she will definitely heal you

Stay connected and live harmonly with our “Mother Earth”

Because that’s the only place you have to live in.