Although Sarovar city Nainital is famous worldwide for its beauty and beautiful litigants, but now Sarovar city Nainital will also be known as Mini Bollywood. Because the government has decided to make a film city in Patwadangar, Nainital. With the formation of a film city, Nainital will get a new identity. This will be the first film city of Uttarakhand. In Nainital, soon big film directors and actors from India and abroad will be seen shooting. The beautiful instruments of Nainital are a very suitable place for film making.

Last year, 6 films were shot in Nainital. If everything goes well, the work of making a film city will be started soon. For which the state government has also taken the initiative to make Uttarakhand a film destination. If Film City is to be made, then the youth and artists will benefit the most. The youth will get employment opportunities at home. Along with this, there will be an opportunity to enhance the hidden talent in the field of acting.
Let me tell you, the shooting of films started in Nainital from the 60s. Since then, many films have been shot in Nainital –
Year movie name
1964 omen
1970 cut kite
1987 rule
1993 Misguided
2003 eagle
2003 someone found
2018 Breath and Mrs. serial killer (web series)
Uttarakhand Film Commission Chairman Sudarshan Lal Shah says that it was announced to build a film city in 2016 in Baldia Khan of Nainital. The Film Board was also formed by the government after the announcement of the formation of a film city. The board visited the area and the team sent the report of the area to the government and said that there is a suitable place to make a film city. For which all the action has been completed but till date Film City has not been made. He has written a letter to the Chief Minister to make the Film City, so that Nainital can be developed as a Film City at the earliest.