Haldwani Several new arrangements will be implemented at Soban Singh Jeena Base Hospital and Women’s Hospital from September 1. If you are not satisfied with the arrangement of base hospital then you will be able to lodge your complaint. X-ray machines and ambulances will be purchased soon. These decisions were taken in the meeting of the managing committee of Soban Singh Jeena Base Hospital and Women’s Hospital held at the Camp Office under the chairmanship of DM Savin Bansal. DM instructed patients to give medicines from the hospital itself. He said that the negligence of doctors and patients not getting medicines in hospitals is serious. This is not going to be tolerated. The DM said that he would surprise hospitals soon as before. If the system is not improved then strict action will be taken. At the meeting, Municipal Commissioner CS Mertolia, CMS of the base, Dr. Harish Lal. CMS of the Women’s Hospital, Dr. Bhagirathi Joshi, Deputy CMO Dr. MM Tiwari, Chief Education Officer KK Gupta etc. were present.
These decisions were taken
Lab will have to run for 12 hours, deploying computer operator, pathology technician.
In both the hospitals, the complaint registers will have to be kept in Resheson and Ward till September 1.

  • Phone numbers have to be written on the walls for complaint.
  • The medicines available in the drugstore will have to be displayed online by uploading them online on the e-portal daily.
  • An ambulance will be purchased for the base hospital.
  • X-ray machine, ortho ot table will be purchased.
    Equipment purchase budget
    Haldwani DM to buy equipment in women’s hospital for Rs 1.19 lakh, tubewell repair in base hospital, OPG machine, X-ray machine, ortho ot table, three AC, blood donor couches, teeth machine, 25 bench etc. from jam portal Has been approved. Apart from this, a budget of 6.34 lakhs for office expenses, 1.21 lakhs for food expenditure, 2.83 lakhs for purchasing the battery of CT scan machine, 50 thousand for buying life saving medicines and 25 thousand rupees for the purchase of surgical material was approved.
    Doctors admit mistake: DM
    Haldwani DM Savin Bansal said that Dr. CS Bhatt has been given adverse entry for not writing generic medicines and prescribing medicines from outside during the inspection of base hospital. Also, pediatrician Dr. SS Bisht was also warned to prescribe medicine from outside. He said that after this, both the doctors admitted their mistake and informed them not to do such repetition in future in writing.