Wow, Collector
This is called dignity of high rank
80 year old mother. All alone at home. Hungry for many days. Lying in sick state Eating and drinking and getting up properly is also difficult. God rose every moment
Requesting to be taken The news reaches the ears of Collector T Ambajagen of Tamil Nadu’s Karur district. Generously this IAS officer makes food from his wife. Then tiffin
In the hut situated in the Chinnamalnikiken strip of old age,

The old mother from whom the people of the neighborhood were turning their eyes, in a moment, in front of her hut, the most influential officer of the district stood as a guest.
Comes. Old lady does not understand what is the matter. DM says – Mother brought food for you from home, let’s eat.

If the old house does not have utensils properly, she says, “Sir, we eat only on banana leaves.” DM says – very good. Today me too
Will eat on a banana leaf. The story does not end there. On the go, DMs hand out old age pension papers. It is said that you will not need to come to the bank,
Pension will be available at home The DM sits in the car and walks away, old woman with tears in her eyes and keeps looking.