Uttarakhand has number of ornament for men and women .Uttarakhand’s craftsmen have maintained their creations ‘ uniqueness to date, and this also applies to their decorations. Kumayon and Garhwal’s traditional jewellery used to be made of silver and gold with brass overlays to prolong the metal’s longevity. Even today, gold and bronze decorations are component of Uttarakhand’s women ‘ periodic clothing, who tend to wear outstanding bulky jewelry. The large nose ring is one of this region’s most unique jewelry that a bride inherits from her paternal aunt on her wedding day. In today’s article, we’re trying to speak about some of the celestial Himalayan state’s most famous jewelry products.

1. Mangalsutra

mangalsutra is sign of marriage in all over india . Every women in india has to were it but mangalsutra of uttarakhand is total different from other uttarakhandi mangalsutra is different from other as it is having combination of small black ball with big gold oval shape structure . Different type of pedal is attached to strip (maala)

2. Nathuli

It is jewellery worn in nose in special occasion by women in uttarakhand.Maybe the state’s most commonly carried ornament, Nathuli or the women’s nose ring is praised for its unique architecture. While this jewelry’s structure might differ from region to region, its charisma continues untouched. Nathuli is a weighty nose-studded pearl necklace borne on her wedding day by the bride. The nose ring weight and the amount of pearls it has is often an indication of the household position of the bride.

Two types of nath:

i) kumaoni nath

ii) tehri nath

3. Bulaq

Usually this magnificent ornament that is intended to be carried on the nasal septum arrives in gold or silver sculpted with a thorough motif. Bulaq used to be a must-wear for females from the Kumaon, Jaunsar and Garhwal areas in the past day, but they’ve been out of fashion these days.

4. Sikka Mala

It is a type of mala which is worn in hilly region . As its name suggest it consist of coin as sikka means coin which are silver in color . In some region it is also known as kaldaar

5. Galobandh

Galoband is jewellery worn in neck. It consist of belt in which gold work is done. The belt is of two color – red and black and depending on situation different type of belt is used like in womens own wedding red belt is used other time black belt is used. It is very popular jewellery in kumaon region

6. Pahunchi or Pauji

it is wrist jewellery . It consist of many small ball (hollow) like structure which is taped with strip . Usually balls are made up of gold. It is very popular all over uttarakhand

7. Kamarband

A beautiful item of jewelry carried around the neck, Kamarbandh’s fame has distributed rapidly to other areas of the subcontinent. There are two types of Kamarbandhs in Uttarakhand-one produced of cloth and the other created of silver. The Kamarbandh is usually intended to be carried over the traditional costume, bringing out the feminine grace and charm.

8. Kanfool

Kanfool or karnfool is a favorite earring pahari that literally implies ear flowers.Kan-fool implies Ear’s flower and on the earlobe it is carried. It is a masterpiece of the Pahari women’s unique jewelry of the age. Most Pahari females adorn the old jewelry item, kanfool.

9. Murkhelai

10. Dhaguli or Dhagula

11. PaijiBicchi or Bicchua

12. Hansuli