Uttarakhand was founded in 2 nov 2000 with an aim to give importance to mountain region , at that time dehradun was made temporary capital of uttarakhand . It was not a good decision as mountain state should have capital in hilly area  that’s why demand for declaring gairsain as a capital started raising across the state due to which government made “dixit commission” to find out most suitable city for capital of uttarakhand . he narrow down to 5 cities Dehradun , kashipur , Ramnagar , rishikesh, gairsain but then dehradun was decided as “The Interim capital ” .

Now the question arises if gairsain was not suitable place for capital then why it was in every party’s political propaganda . Politicions just use gairsain as their political agenda to gain favour knowing the fact that it was not a suitable city. Condition of gairsain is similar to other mountain city and the rate of development is also same . All development is done in paper not in ground

gairsan is at the center of uttarakhand and easily accessable from other hilly area .If government focused on developing this city in these 19 years then it would have been perfect city for capital


almora, tehri,pauri are very large and not good for capital . Pithoragarh and uttarkashi are at corners ,Nainital and rishikesh don’t have area to set up government buildings . haldwani , haridwar , roorkee have same problem which dehradun persist ( not a mountain region)

but we have one more option – gewaar ghati

it is the entire region from chaukhutia , dwarahat taragtal , masi jaurasi kheera ,naithana

.it has all advantages which gairsain has like  – it is in center of uttarakhand, it is hilly area with valley so government bodies can be setup but is more developed than gairsain in every terms

chaukhutiya formerly known as vairaat was a capital of king vairata mentioned in mahabharata .it was also capital of Katyuri mentioned in Rajula malushahi . so it also has historic preferences

As this gewar ghati is in kumaon region so chances of it becoming capital is low as 60% of people are garwali , they will not be happy with this decision . it can also create conflict with these two community and that will affect the unity of uttarakhand

If we look at the plans and scheme made by govt of uttarakhand in making a new capital of uttarakhand – A practical decision was taken by Harish rawat in 2014 of  making council by merging block of Gairsain in chamoli  and chaukhutiya in almora

this will unity the both community and we will have capital which  is combination of both kumaon and garhwal . it will support the garhkumon

but after making this decision government has not done anything to it  , now the governmnet have also changed and new government has also not done anything to it .

New tehri can be other option as it is most emerging hill city of uttarakhand.

Uttrakhand is now 19 year old and still it dont have its permanent capital . Even an 19 year old man get its permanent license