Why to perform Shraddha?

Was our sage muni mad?
Who used to make Kheer for Kauvau?
And used to say that if we feed Kavvau, our ancestors will get it?
No, our sage sages were of revolutionary views.

  • This is the correct reason. *

Have you planted peepal and elderflower plants any day?
Or seen someone applying?
Do you find seeds of peepal or elderflower?
The answer is no .. no ….
Try to plant as much as you can of a pen or a peepal pen, but it won’t work.
The reason is that nature / nature has made a separate arrangement for planting both these useful trees.
These two eat the tetweed of the trees and there is process of seed in their stomach and then the seeds are able to grow. After that
These two trees grow wherever the crows beat.
Peepal is the only tree in the world that releases round-the-clock oxygen O2 and the medicinal properties of Barr are incomparable.
See, if it is to grow both trees then it is not possible without the help of crows, so the kavawe will have to be saved.
And how will it happen?
The female crow lays eggs in the month of Bhadar and a newborn is born.
So the useful bird of this new generation needs to get nutritious and rich food, so the sage sages have
Nutritious food in the form of pallets on every terrace for the newborns of Kavvau
So that the new generation of Kauwau can be nurtured …….

Therefore, without rushing the mind, shraadha to protect nature and
Whenever you look at the big and peepal tree, you will remember your ancestors because they gave shraddha, that’s why we are seeing both these useful trees.

Those who raise a finger on Sanatan Dharma, first know Sanatan Dharma and then lift the finger on them.

But only those who have crossed the limit of poop, they can ignore this in the everlasting protest and shout science and they will tell them to go and grow trees like Peepal without the help of Qava and plant their science. As much as possible.

The day you work, then comment here, the rest, who do not believe in Shraddha, they will feed these animals only after being a bird lover, the generations to come will bless you.

Jai Sanatan and Sanatan Culture.